Hi everyone (if anyone is still reading this blog hahaha)

Just wanna drop in and say that I’m migrating my blog content to theweirdpoison.com/blog. While I love my time here in WordPress and I still believe that this is the best blogging site there is, I’ve decided to move it there to keep my blog and portfolio looped in together for less money. Since I’ve been intending to buy a domain name, I’ve been trying to figure out which of my site will use it—my portfolio or my blog. And since Wix already has a blogging feature there, I though might as well (if you’re thinking why I didn’t just move my portfolio here, I had already designed it via Wix and had more designing liberty there for free—I just needed to upgrade for a domain name linking. Still, WordPress’ blog management feature and community is unmatched. Hence, I will still keep this site open and will update here from time to time with posts, although my new blog site will be updated more frequently.

I just dropped a new blog post there too if you want to check it out. I talked about what has been happening recently here in my personal hell lol.

Anyway, bye for now, but I’ll be coming back from time to time. 💞

Finally able to work on this post after a whole month of busy!

We finally took a leap and jet setted to another country this time (we haven’t traveled internationally since…..I think 2012 2 years ago. It’s a little trickier when you’re from a third world country–all the visas, and fees, etc.)

EDIT: Who’s the bitch who forgot she went to Singapore 2017??? HAHAHAHAHA lmao

It’s been a long dream of ours to be able to see and experience Japan—the busy streets, the city lights, the ramen, the Sakuras, Mt. Fuji, everything! Best believe, we prepared like hell for this trip lmao. (Also was STOKED for the cool weather. PH is just a giant oven toaster now)

An unfortunate event happened though just as we were navigating our way from the airport to our Airbnb: My Pentax slipped through my hands and fell. It seemed like it was functioning fine but when I checked it again when we had settled down in the apartment, the winder was not working. SIGH. I have yet to have it fixed. But for the meantime, I used my DSLR for the majority of the trip (brought my Autoboy too, so there are some photos on film, but it was mostly my sister who used it—I was trying to introduce her to film photography (status: successful!)).

SO ANYWAY. I haven’t used my DSLR for travel since……I think 2014/15? It’s been a long time, and it really threw me off of my comfort zone shooting with it, so there aren’t a lot of pictures (except for Disneyland/Disneysea (because duh and more of this later) and photos of my mom and dad, since this was actually their 25th anniversary celebration, too!)


That being said (and me missing my Pentax very very much huhuhu), I created a preset that emulated the feel and coloring of a semi-expired Kodak Gold. I tried studying it as much as I can, and basically, all the photos I’ll be posting here are edited with that filter! I also created different versions of it (for landscape, for portrait, and few for night time), so if you want a copy, please like this post and leave me a message on the comments section with the sparkle emoji! ✨

Like I said, having my DSLR for travel with me threw me off my comfort zone. So since there aren’t much photos from our whole trip (we stayed there for a week), I’ll just post photos randomly and not chronologically as I would normally do (although I will do my best to keep them as chronological as possible).

My sister always hate it that I always take a picture of her (yes, I’m that sister lol). But there isn’t anyone else that I can nag to take a photo of than her! Lol at least you have nice pics, sis! lmao

2 major highlights of our trip for me was Mt. Fuji and Disneyland. Of course there are a lot of other things that I loved during our trip, but these places were the ones that made my heart soft and warm like butter on fresh toast.

I think almost 70% of my photos are from Disneyland/Disneysea. #sorrynotsorry

It was our first time going there and while I’m an avid Disney fan, I’m also a Scorpio, so this bitch WILL NOT cry in public. I made sure that going here, I’ve completely killed of any feelings so that I don’t burst into any big emotions like crying. At first it was successful. I’ve been distant from my Disney side for a while too, so I was pretty sure I got it right in the bag. But as I walked through the gates….the music, all the Mickey ears…..

I sobbed.

Tears fell like waterfall.

This bad bitch couldn’t handle it.

It was too magical.

Now all I want is to be in Disneyland. All those months (could be a year or two, too) of repressing my Disney side has now crumbled and all things Disney are the only things that can calm me down right now. (It’s gotten pretty busy lately)

Now I don’t want this to be a complete Disney post, so I’m gonna hold myself off before I slide the slippery slope of spilling every photo we took in Disneyland. So I’m gonna move on to city park things now. Hahahahahha

To be honest, some of the truly best parts of the trip was just sitting down, no phones, and just appreciating the whole experience. Taking it all in. The walks around the cities and parks were great too. We saw dogs (one looked a lot like Comet!! huhuhu), learned systems and cultures, we were also fortunate enough to visit a family member there who toured us around the city and took us to a spa! It was great because I had no photos whatsoever. Just in the moment.

Ok so i think I’m ending the post here. There’s a shit ton of photos but maybe I’ll save those for a rainy day.

Japan was magical.

The cleanliness, the discipline, the common curtesy, THE WHOLE SYSTEM OF LIVING, the parks, DISNEYLAND…. ugh I could go on and on, and thats just Tokyo! We’re planning to go to Osaka soon so prepare yourself for a shit ton of photos of the DEERS (WITH ME).

I never posted anything so personal here before, so I’ve been back and forth about making this post. Anyway, I wanted to share the thoughts that’s been circling my head for quite some time now. Usually I just ramble about it on my private journals, but this one I feel like sharing, mostly because I’m hoping it could reach someone who might be feeling the same way or going through the same thing. I’m not exactly a writer though, so I’m sorry if it’s just a jumble of words lmao (I’ll also be putting some self portrait here that I’m forever scared of sharing but what the heck, right?)

One is a sad little monkey. And another is a raging angry lion. 

Sad little monkey says:

It is pointless to try to live happy because happy is beautiful. And beautiful things don’t happen to ugly people. I am not deserving of beautiful things because of predetermined factors that I wasn’t able to control as a human being—my face, my size, my weight, my hair, the country I was born in, the school that I went to as a child, the bullies who sneakily instilled all the self loathing I would soon grow to wear like a favourite shirt. 

Sad little monkey says, “people can take one look at you and decide that you’re not worth it”. She’s sure that my worth as an artist would depend on my looks and popularity; “people won’t care if you don’t look like someone to care about: pretty, slim, stylish, and quirky in the right places.”

And who wouldn’t believe her? No matter how much we say that it doesn’t depend on our outer layers, it really does. Instagram. Instagram stories. Facebook. Twitter—all these platforms have some way of pressuring people to edit out their lives to look perfect. And may the most perfect life win; followers, likes, comments, story reactions—all the ways to put a validation count to measure your worth as a person on social media and cyberspace, but always fluidly bleeds into our real life and worth offline. 

This is where the angry lion roars with passion:

Why are we so easily succumbing to the pressures of modern life?? Isn’t it crazy to think that as we progress as a culture, the more issues and problems rise to the surface? Society will always have something to look at as a means of measuring life—time, money, the lines on your face, the number on the weighing and sizing scale, the stuff on your resume, the followers and likes on your social media, etc. At the end of the day, they’re all just trivial things to measure our journey in life. That’s what they are:

To think that you need to look a certain way to deserve love? Or be on a certain level in your field of work to deserve recognition? Or have a certain amount of follows and likes on social media to feel like what you have to say matters? IT’S BULLSHIT and is instilled on you sneakily by all these small, trivial things that don’t really mean anything. Fight it. Burn them to the ground.

You have the right to speak your mind on social media no matter what your following and like count are, because that’s YOUR space in the cyberspace world. OWN IT. 

You deserve to feel validated as an artist, dancer, singer, entrepreneur, designer, photographer, cook, doctor, dentist, or whatever it is that you do, because that is what you do, no matter how low or high up the ladder you are. You’re ON the ladder AND CLIMBING. That’s all that matters.

Everyone deserves love; no matter what you look like, weigh like, act like, live like; we all deserve to love and to be loved, PERIODT! And before you even start on “but no one loves me”: start loving yourself! If you feel like no one does, bring yourself up to it. Hell, bring yourself up to it anyway, even if you’re in a relationship! Give yourself the acceptance and validation you so desperately look for in other places! You already have society being extremely judgemental and nit-picky on you, you don’t need to add yourself to the chaos! If anything, DEFEND YOURSELF from it! It’s hard, but you have to start treating yourself like how you would treat your best friend. Or significant other. Or brother/sister. Or mother/father. If they were feeling like they don’t deserve love, what would you say? If they feel like they’re worthless in their job, what would you tell them?? If they were mercilessly hating on themselves, what would you say to them???

Society will give you all sorts of pre-requisites to self-love: when you reached your weight loss goal, when you finally get rid of all your acne, when you finally bought those shoes; or bag; or clothes. When you finally scored a perfect beau, when you finally got to a high profile career, etc etc etc!

There’s always going to be something that will make you feel like you’re not enough—YET. And that may be our inevitable human flaw of insatiability talking, but there’s always an option to say “fuck it!” to all that bullshit.

Don’t wait around until you get that thigh gap, or that porcelain skin, or whatever it is that you think will complete you or make you happy. Give yourself the acceptance and support that you’re looking for from those things. Because the truth is, perfection is what society is always going to eye, and perfection is practically a myth. Acne? THAT’S A NORMAL REACTION OF YOUR SKIN to dirt, oil, and NORMAL ENVIRONMENTAL AND HORMONAL THINGS! To get the idea that no one will like you or think you’re beautiful because you have acne is a crazy idea fed to us by commercials, so that we too, would not like ourselves with it. That “beach ready” body? THAT’S EVERY BODY! For god sakes, the beach doesn’t care if you have abs or not; it’s there to be ENJOYED with friends and family. It’s a gift from Mother Nature; from God; and to think that you need to weigh and look a certain way before you could enjoy the beach?? CRAZY!! And who told you all about that? Oh yeah: the MEDIA! The people who craft all these problems the society has to think of to compel us to buy things, subscribe to programs; basically to feed the insatiable monsters inside us.

Self hate and pity parties are sad zones we are all entitled to. But it’s not a zone we deserve to stay in, no matter what we may feel like. I always say that not everyone is made happy—some people are just: sad. Not sad sad, but just defaultly melancholic. Somber. And I always identified as that. But there’s always a fine line between that and just being plain hateful towards yourself, to the point that you sabotage yourself from your own chance of happy things. Don’t be that person. You already have the media and society breathing down your neck, telling you you’re not enough. It’s time to step up and give yourself a hug:

Hello, hello! It’s been a while.

A lot of stuff’s been poppin’ here and there so I would say end January to first week March was pretty busy. We recently released our baby &Flora, which I would be writing about soon here on the blog as well. So a couple of orders have been pouring in there and I had to take care of that. Also, around mid-Feb, my cousins from Dubai came to visit. So I was baby-sitting 4 kids for 4 days straight, and it was really somethin. lol. It was tiring, but I love those babies so much. In fact, they even let me do a little photoshoot with them, LOL!

Most of the direction was them, making up a story about dark fairies and light fairies fighting, and then reconciling in the aftermath. Thrown in some proper story-telling elements, and I actually think we’re in business! lol

It was also fitting since Fleurice and Sam are both Geminis, and I always tease them about this because they reek of sass, fun, and cute lil sarcasms hahahaha

Looking back, I was able to do more active things that whole 4 days. I was runnin around, able to walked the dogs and take them running, Luna was always happily tired…it was all fun! I mean, I was constantly exhausted, but it was the active lifestyle I’m trying to balance (although I had trouble balancing it with work).

They wanted to keep the shoot going LMAO but I told them we’ll do it some other time again. And then they went to their mom and told her that they wanted to go here once a month and that’s when I froze as a preview of what could happen played in my head as sweat went rolling down my face lol

We had our last piece of the past year in Boracay, which had just opened since its rehabilitation in July. We thought it would be a perfect way to end the year, celebrate my mom’s birthday, and hers and dad’s anniversary in advance as well!

I also brought my Canon point and shoot camera to finally give it a spin! Also, I was kinda expecting a sunny weather (which I realised was kinda stupid because it was already rainy here in Manila, but I guess that was more of a wishful thinking lol), but it was rather gloomy for the first 2 days. The sun came around eventually though by the end of our trip lmao (typical universe hahahaha).

We were so excited to find Sunny Side Cafe was still there! It’s our favourite place to eat whenever we visit Boracay. They have the best pancakes, breakfast meals, drinks—just awesome food all through out.

Coming back here, we saw all the many improvements Boracay have developed over the few months it was closed for rehabilitation. The shores are now clean and trash free (PLEASE THROW YOUR TRASH IN THE TRASH CANS YOU PIECE OF GARBAGE), the tables that over crowded the beach front by the restaurants along the shore is now controlled, plus that one area that’s somehow dumped with seaweed is now gone! Idk how tho.

We stayed in the same hotel we go to every time we go on a vacation which was Astoria Hotels and Resorts. One of the great life decisions my mom and dad has ever made was joining their membership. And I’m forever grateful that we can actually schedule family travel trips (at least, locally) more often and not fret about accommodation.

Anyway, we all enjoyed a great deal of swimming and beach bumming, which we also feel we don’t do enough so much in our previous beach trips (we always go for a shorter amount of time, so I guess we don’t really have that much time to bum around lol

That’s all for now! No issues with my Canon Autoboy so far. I like how the pictures turned out, it was very simple and easy to use, and very portable (although it maybe a little bigger than the other point and shoots, but I like how it fits my hand, so). And contrary to other reviews and how they find the noise overwhelmingly loud, I on the other hand did not? Well, it didn’t bother me that much, so it wasn’t that big of a turn-off.

Anyway, that’s on that! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and reading up to here. I’m trying to create more fresh content, but I’m still getting the hang of balancing work, this, and just life in general hahahaha. So THANK YOU for the patience. *hands a tissue to my artsyfartsy heart*

Hello everyone, I’m back with something new (ur probably getting tired of my old shit amirite lmao me too tbh)

I finally had the chance to shoot with Chelsea again after 2 years. The first time I shot her was when I worked with them for Comma Apparel. I knew right then that she’s going to be fun to shoot with and we’ve been talking about doing this for quite some time now (I actually wanted to have her on the Dreamscapes project, but she wasn’t available then). It just feels good that we finally did it hahaha (and it feels so good to have been making something new again hahahaha)

So originally, I wanted to get a sunny, boho themed kind of look, but the weather was like “mm, no girl” hahaha So we just went along with the gloomy weather feel. It still worked, in my opinion lols

Chelsea was so awesome for being game all through out. It felt like it was going to rain any minute but she was still down and even offering levels of smile to project. This gal gots the happy-Leo energy and I am livinn.

To tell you the truth, we shot 2 looks and there are a lot of bombass shots lmao. So I’m just posting this bunch here for now. I’ll post tid bits of the others some other time again 🙂

Okay, just before the year ends, I realised I haven’t posted some fo the the photos I used for my senior thesis project. (If you’re interested, head on HERE to see more of my project. I also wrote about it here hehe)

Also: Shout out to Jessa, Dianne, and Patrick again for making themselves available for me to pass uni and graduate huhuhu ❤

We didn’t use any studio lights (if that wasn’t already obvious). We taped up a big cloth to the wall outside by the garage lol. I was so pressed for time that I didn’t have time to make any formal set ups. The key was improvisation and winging it the best I could. lmao

Aside from the retro theme (which was the main theme and visual of my thesis), we also took some more photos with a different styling theme, which was mostly leaning towards…90’s kinda vibe? Idk hahahaha

Honestly, I realised I haven’t really been doing that much creative shit since I graduated unlike what I thought I would’ve. And that would’ve made me feel really guilty and sad if the events/circumstances in my life right now were different. But things has really taken to a….rather busy turn-over, that my call for a hiatus now really makes sense.

Hopefully next year I can start working on new things, finally. But it’s not like I’m not doing anything now. I have some stuff in processing at the moment, and also I’ll be posting one from my previous shoot with Chelsea. But that seems to wrap up my 2018.

Sigh. 2019, please be a creative explosion.

It’s been a while since I shared a branding project (or any design project, for that matter—it’s been photography for the longest time!) here on the blog, so here’s a quick preview of one I did recently. 🙂

Patatash! is a fast food stall in Laguna, Philippines, that mostly serves fries and drinks. This is actually a business of a friend of mine who’s intending to build a small business but wanted it to have strong visual identity.

What she had in mind was something fun, vibrant, strong contrast, and preferably something with a red colour.


My first instinct to create the fun and vibrant mood was to have bright colours that have a strong contrast to each other. Although the mood we’re going for is fun, I still wanted to keep things clean and organised. So I kept the typography and graphics clean and simple; Sans serif, and minimal line art.


For the logo, I reinstated the “fun” aspect by jumbling the letters in different angles, while keeping the font a simple sans serif.  I also didn’t make that much orientation for the logo, thinking that it should be used as is. Although I made variations for the clearspace/aspect ratio of the whole logo.

I kept the jumbled theme along in making the graphics. I noticed the exclamation mark looked like fries, so I used that and jumbled them to different angles and places to create a pattern that looked like scattered fries.


Anyway, that’s all I have for now. We have yet to get to the menu layout, stall design, etc. This is all very much still in its early stages, so. I’ll update this when we get to finishing it. 🙂

S/O to Patatash! for letting me write about this! 😊💞

Just sharing some portraits I took of my Ate Theresa for her birthday last September 🙂

Funny story: There was supposed to be this surprise party for her, but one thing led to another and she ended up at our house instead. So now we had the task to get her to the venue without her getting suspicious.

babs1.jpgThing was she was already getting suspicious days before, so we came up with the idea to create this faux surprise at our house so she’ll get thrown with the idea that there’s another party waiting for her at another place. Anyway, we threw this photoshoot thing 15 minutes before she got to our place lol. the best thing was SHE BOUGHT IT HAHAHAHA soooo long story short, it was a success (for both faux and real surprise) hahahahaha.


Since I promised to write about my senior project here on the blog…rc1.jpgI’m finding it a lil bit hard to write about it until now just because I had to talk about it n times for the last bit of my final semester in school, and I’m still a little bit tired from that lol hahahaha but other than that, this must be one of my biggest design projects ever yet, so obviously one of my favourites.

Introducing: Re:Craft. A platform for crafters and DIYers where they can share their art, connect with other artists, sell their craft projects, and many more.rc2.jpgrc3.jpg

Initially, I was supposed to do an animal/pet adoption app, but I had to scrap it off the table after seeing a newly launched local app that does the similar thing. My number one worry was always how I’m going to defend the uniqueness of my project. So I thought of something more unheard of, locally. And since I have a knack of thrifting and transforming the heck out of it, I decided to use that as a concept, as I was running out of time back then.



In recent years, there’s been an increased interest in DIY crafting. In fact, the size of craft and DIY industry in the Philippines today is a staggering $30 million up from $18.7 in 2016. But in a recent study, while 73% of respondents showed interest in DIY, it recedes to a decline of 24%, making it 49% of respondents who really do DIY themselves.

While there are a ton of DIY and craft platforms, there’s no denying that there’s still a lack of accessibility to DIY locally. Today’s DIY culture offers a wide array of platforms for crafters, but each has a disadvantage over accessibility; Workshops demand a lot of planning and scheduling (which really drags the whole mood altogether), DIY bars demand a relatively pricy accessibility (plus you don’t get to keep the materials), and DIY websites are scattered here and there (heck, even Pinterest is one whole mumble jumble of a mess sometimes).

rc4.jpgWhat Re:Craft is is an all-in one DIY app that can be instantly downloaded from the app store and just like that, you have all the DIY needs right at your fingertips! No need to schedule trips, pay entrance fees, hours and hours of scouring through the interwebs—just one click on the app’s icon, and you’re good to go!

The app is essentially Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Etsy, and a little bit of BuzzFeed all rolled into one.rc5.jpgrc6.jpg

Aside from being accessible as an app on your phone, Re:Craft is also social. Provided with your own profile, upload and share your craft projects with friends! With detailed craft posts where you can share the materials you used, the procedure, etc., share your creative genius-ness with other crafters. You can follow other users, like, share, and comment on their posts, ala-Instagram. leave them a message with the built-in inbox/chatroom. You can even list your project as an item for sale, and check out other for sale items on the Marketplace, ala- Etsy, and check out how-to videos on Re:Craft TV, ala-YouTube.

Lastly, Re:Craft also has Re:Blog that features a news feed/blog page that features various news and articles on arts, crafts, and its impact on the environment (upcycling, recycling, fast fashion waste, etc.)rc7.jpg

For the branding, I opted for a 70’s/80’s look as thrifting and upcycling really grew popular on this era (there was the recession in America, and the Hippies against huge companies and mass production, etc.) I made it very fun to embody the creative energy of DIY and crafts, while still balancing it with a clean and professional layout.


Here are some of the marketing stuff from this projects too:

SOCIAL MEDIA (Awareness)

Re:craft will keep an active presence in other social media outlets, like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc. to keep a buzz on the cyberspace. Additionally, Re:craft will keep a close partnership with art and crafts supply stores to have an active presence in the existing market’s routinary circle.

THE RE:CRAFT BAR (Influence)

The Re:Craft bar is an annual crafting/DIY event, where all materials will be provided for everyone to go all out on. DIY anything and post on the app with the tag #recraftbarchallenge, and share/link to at least one other social media. The most like and share count wins a prize!

DIY OF THE MONTH (Influence)

One of Re:craft’s main features, is the DIY of the Month Starter Kits. Monthly, there will be a featured DIY project, in which the materials needed are stored in a starter kit box that are available for shipping right onto your doorstep so you can get your craft on!

CONTENT (Capture)

New stuff will be posted every week in the app blog and videos section, including a bi-monthly featured artist video, where featured artist will be interviewed while crafting a project. The item will then be sold/auctioned in the Marketplace.

rc9.jpgrc910 copy.jpgrc911a.jpg

The main goal of this project is to make DIY and crafts more accessible, to encourage and cultivate a more creative and self-sustaining community. By encouraging people to create than purchasing (that will eventually be thrown away), landfill waste will hopefully lessen, and eventually help build a healthier environment.


(read the full detail on this project at my portfolio site!)